How it all started

I am a long time Magic fan and a year ago, I designed a Magic cube that was a big success with my friends. My kids played Pokémon when they were young. I brought them to the game, but never seriously collected and/or played the game. Recently, a child I know learned that I knew the game and shown some interest in a match up. Since I did not have much to play with, I decided I could organize some kind of draft. I had done one such draft a couple years back with some other kids and found it entertaining. However, this time around, I did not find it as successful, mostly because I found the card distribution of the sets I used for the draft to be skewed. There were not many Trainer cards in what we drafted and the ones we drafted were often times even difficult to play.

With my Magic cube design in the back of my mind, I wondered if I could repeat the experience with Pokémon cards. I looked on the web for ideas. I did not find much material for inspiration, but found a message in a forum that comnfirmed that this could be done. Refer to Widdi's message on PokeGym.

I have spent the past few weeks building my cube. I can see potiential for a fun experience. To help me and potentially other Pokémon enthusiasts building this kind of cube, I decided to document it.

What is a cube?

A cube is a set of predetermined trading card game cards, typically greater than 250 cards, each card generally unique, that can be used in a draft format (see How to play the draft format section below).

Typically, a 250-card cube would be good enough for 4 players, whereas, a cube with 400-600 cards might be best for an 8-player draft. Having more cards in the cube makes it possible to have a less predictable draw, since not all the cards get drawn every draft.

How to play the draft format

For those who are not familiar with the draft format, here is the sequence of events that takes place during a draft. The cube is shuffled at beginning of the draft. Then, each player draws 15 cards from the cube. Each player picks a card from the 15 cards he/she drew, then passes the remaining 14 cards to the player to his/her left. This process continues until there is no card left. When the last card is drawn, each player draws 15 cards from the cube once again, but the rotation changes to the right-hand side. Once the second draft is over, a third and final draft takes place, with rotation to the left.

Once the three rounds of draft are over, each player should be left with 45 cards. It is now time to build decks. Each players builds a 40-card deck with the cards he/she has drafted. Around 23 of the 45 cards drafted will likely be used in a typical deck. The rest of the cards for the 40-card deck will be picked from a pool of basic energies (players can take as many basic energies as needed from the energy pool to complement their deck). In the end, there should be roughly 17 energies (including the drafted energies), 15 to 17 Pokémons and the rest shoud be trainers (6 to 8). Some decks may have less Pokémons and more trainers, depending on the desired strategy. Recommandation is to build a 40-card deck, but a bigger deck may be possible depending on the drafted cards.

A fun two-player draft can be done using the Solomon technique. The Solomon technique consists in drawing 90 cards from the cube and used for the draft. After deciding who drafts first, the first player draws eight cards from the draft card pool, then divides them in two piles. The other player selects one of the two piles. The first player gets the remaining pile. Then, the other player draws eight cards and do the same until there is no cards in the pool. The last draft phase will contain ten cards. Players then build a deck with the drafted cards. In order to increase the chance to have a number of basic Pokémons and some Stage 1 and Stage 2 evolution from the same family, in a two-player draft, I would recommand dropping either two of the energy types (say darkness and metal) all together or remove one family per energy type to have a smaller cube to start with.

Differences between a Pokémon cube and a Magic cube

Pokémon strategy is heavily influenced by evolutions. A basic Pokémon can evolve to a Stage 1 Pokémon, then to a Stage 2 Pokémon. In order to increase the probability to play an evolution during the course of a game, one usually tries to have multiple copies of the same Pokémon in a deck, which would not be possible to do with the cube if we followed the strict singleton rule of Magic cube design. Contrary to Magic, where similar card effects can be found with cards having different names, there aren't many Pokémons that share the same evolution. As such, we cannot use the same singleton rule as Magic for Pokémon cubes. Instead, what we can do is allow multiple copies of Pokémons with the same name, as far as it doesn't have the same attacks. In addition, we will want to have enough basic Pokémon of the same family to make it possible for someone who draws an evolution Pokémon to have a chance to create a deck that will allow him/her to play it. We've settled for around seven basic for five stage 1 and two or three stage 2 Pokémons of the same family.

Special rules playing a Pokémon cube

For evolution purposes, ignore the owner of the Pokémon in its name. For instance, you can play Poliwhirl on Misty's Poliwag. If the Pokémon has a resistance symbol, but no multiplier, asssume times two (2x). Consider Pokémon Power, Poké-Power, Poké-Bodies and Abilities all the same. If a 40-card deck is built, use 4 prize cards. For 50-card decks, use 5 prize cards.

Why would you want to play the Pokémon Cube?

My first goal building my Magic cube was to create an affordable environment that would be fun to play for players of all levels and provide equal chances to win to all players. Since that cube used common cards, the mechanic of the gameplay was a bit more straightforward, which made this cube more accessible to new players. A cube also provides the chance for someone to exercise some deck building skills. The Pokémon cube is similar in some ways, but different in others. I don't think it is possible to design as an affordable cube with Pokémon cards as with Magic cards. The reason is that if one sticks with common cards, which is necessary to keep a cube affordable, there would be no evolution cards in the cube. In addition, since Pokémon trainer cards are not as prevalent as non-creature spells in Magic, trainers tend to be more expensive. There are also some older common Magic cards that are quite powerful, which makes it possible to build an interesting cube with common cards, but I don't think the same is true in the world of Pokémon. On the other hand, good Pokémon cards are not as expensive as good Magic cards. The deck I chose to build is quite a bit more expensive, but its mechanic, while not overly complicated because Pokémon gameplay is not as diverse as Magic, is closer to competitive play than my Magic cube. This cube should be fun to play as much to new players than more experienced ones.



Martin's Pokémon cube is a fun way to play Pokémon with friends.

Card list

Stage 2
Beedrill (Unleashed 12)
Beedrill (Plasma Freeze 3)
Beedrill (XY 5)
Stage 1
Kakuna (Base Set 33)
Kakuna (FireRed & LeafGreen 36)
Kakuna (Rising Rivals 66)
Kakuna (Unleashed 32)
Kakuna (Plasma Freeze 2)
Weedle (Base Set 69)
Weedle (Neo Discovery 70)
Koga's Weedle (Gym Challenge 82)
Weedle (Great Encounters 93)
Weedle (Rising Rivals 86)
Weedle (Plasma Freeze 1)
Weedle (XY 3)
Stage 2
Vileplume (Undaunted 24)
Vileplume (Boundaries Crossed 3)
Bellossom (Hidden Legends 16)
Bellossom (Undaunted 1)
Stage 1
Gloom (Jungle 37)
Dark Gloom (Team Rocket 36)
Erika's Gloom (Gym Heroes 45)
Gloom (Unseen Forces 58)
Gloom (Legends Awakened 96)
Gloom (Undaunted 27)
Oddish (Team Rocket 63)
Erika's Oddish (Gym Challenge 70)
Oddish (Aquapolis 97)
Oddish (Hidden Legends 68)
Oddish (Unseen Forces 64)
Oddish (Legends Awakened 111)
Oddish (Undaunted 60)
Stage 1
Yanmega (Legends Awakened 17)
Yanmega (Supreme Victors 14)
Yanmega (Triumphant 98)
Yanma (Neo Discovery 36)
Yanma (Unseen Forces 50)
Yanma (Legends Awakened 128)
Yanma (Supreme Victors 88)
Yanma (Triumphant 84)
Stage 1
Roserade (Diamond & Pearl 13)
Roserade (Unleashed 23)
Roserade (Dragons Exalted 15)
Roselia (Dragon 9)
Roselia (Secret Wonders 62)
Roselia (Supreme Victors 123)
Roselia (Unleashed 61)
Roselia (Dragons Exalted 12)
Shaymin (Platinum 38)
Shaymin (Unleashed 8)
Shaymin (Boundaries Crossed 10)
Celebi (Mysterious Treasures 7)
Virizion (Noble Victories 13)
Roserade GL (Rising Rivals 12)
Stage 2
Typhlosion (Mysterious Treasures 16)
Typhlosion (HeartGold & SoulSilver 32)
Typhlosion (HeartGold & SoulSilver 110)
Stage 1
Quilava (Neo Genesis 46)
Dark Quilava (Neo Destiny 39)
Quilava (Unseen Forces 45)
Quilava (Mysterious Treasures 60)
Quilava (HeartGold & SoulSilver 49)
Cyndaquil (Neo Genesis 56)
Cyndaquil (Neo Destiny 61)
Cyndaquil (Sandstorm 59)
Cyndaquil (Unseen Forces 54)
Cyndaquil (Mysterious Treasures 79)
Cyndaquil (HeartGold & SoulSilver 61)
Cyndaquil (Call of Legends 55)
Stage 2
Blaziken (Great Encounters 1)
Blaziken (Platinum 3)
Blaziken (Furious Fists 14)
Stage 1
Combusken (Ruby & Sapphire 27)
Combusken (Ruby & Sapphire 28)
Combusken (Emerald 25)
Combusken (Holon Phantoms 39)
Combusken (Dark Explorers 16)
Torchic (Dragon 77)
Torchic (Ruby & Sapphire 74)
Torchic (Power Keepers 67)
Torchic (Great Encounters 89)
Torchic (Platinum 99)
Torchic (Dark Explorers 14)
Torchic (Furious Fists 12)
Simisear (Black & White 22)
Simisear (Noble Victories 17)
Stage 1
Simisear (Plasma Storm 20)
Simisear (XY 23)
Pansear (Black & White 21)
Pansear (Emerging Powers 18)
Pansear (Noble Victories 16)
Pansear (Next Destinies 15)
Pansear (Plasma Storm 19)
Ninetales (Mysterious Treasures 32)
Stage 1
Ninetales (Platinum 36)
Ninetales (Call of Legends 17)
Vulpix (Base Set 68)
Vulpix (Mysterious Treasures 107)
Vulpix (Platinum 102)
Vulpix (Call of Legends 75)
Vulpix (Unleashed 68)
Victini (Noble Victories 15)
Victini (BW Promos 32)
Magby (Neo Genesis 23)
Moltres (Fossil 27)
Reshiram (Black & White 113)
Ho-Oh (Secret Wonders 10)
Stage 2
Blastoise (Platinum 2)
Blastoise (Unleashed 13)
Blastoise (Boundaries Crossed 31)
Stage 1
Wartortle (Base Set 42)
Dark Wartortle (Team Rocket 46)
Wartortle (Crystal Guardians 42)
Wartortle (Unleashed 42)
Wartortle (Boundaries Crossed 30)
Squirtle (Base Set 63)
Squirtle (Team Rocket 68)
Squirtle (FireRed & LeafGreen 82)
Squirtle (FireRed & LeafGreen 83)
Squirtle (Crystal Guardians 63)
Squirtle (Unleashed 63)
Squirtle (Boundaries Crossed 29)
Stage 2
Poliwrath (FireRed & LeafGreen 11)
Poliwrath (Unleashed 21)
Poliwrath (Furious Fists 17)
Stage 1
Poliwhirl (Base Set 38)
Misty's Poliwhirl (Gym Heroes 53)
Poliwhirl (Legends Awakened 115)
Poliwhirl (Unleashed 37)
Poliwhirl (Furious Fists 16)
Poliwag (Base Set 59)
Poliwag (Neo Discovery 62)
Misty's Poliwag (Gym Challenge 89)
Misty's Poliwag (Gym Heroes 87)
Poliwag (FireRed & LeafGreen 75)
Poliwag (Unleashed 58)
Poliwag (Furious Fists 15)
Stage 1
Golduck (Fossil 35)
Light Golduck (Neo Destiny 47)
Golduck (Platinum 29)
Misty's Psyduck (Gym Heroes 54)
Psyduck (Sandstorm 73)
Psyduck (Team Rocket Returns 70)
Psyduck (Secret Wonders 100)
Psyduck (Triumphant 74)
Stage 1
Gyarados (Mysterious Treasures 26)
Gyarados (HeartGold & SoulSilver 4)
Gyarados (Dragons Exalted 24)
Magikarp (Base Set 35)
Magikarp (Team Rocket 47)
Magikarp (Stormfront 65)
Magikarp (Call of Legends 61)
Magikarp (Dragons Exalted 23)
Kyurem (Noble Victories 34)
Kyurem (Plasma Freeze 31)
Lapras (Legend Maker 8)
Manaphy (Unleashed 3)
Keldeo (Boundaries Crossed 47)

Stage 2
Magnezone (Stormfront 6)
Magnezone (Triumphant 96)
Magnezone (Plasma Storm 47)
Stage 1
Dark Magneton (Team Rocket 11)
Magneton (Dragon 35)
Magneton (Delta Species 48)
Magneton (Stormfront 43)
Magneton (Plasma Storm 45)
Magnemite (Base Set 53)
Lt. Surge's Magnemite (Gym Heroes 80)
Magnemite (Team Rocket 60)
Magnemite (Dragon 62)
Magnemite (Stormfront 67)
Magnemite (Supreme Victors 111)
Magnemite (Plasma Storm 42)
Stage 2
Ampharos (Secret Wonders 1)
Ampharos (Platinum 1)
Ampharos (HeartGold & SoulSilver 14)
Stage 1
Dark Flaaffy (Neo Destiny 34)
Flaaffy (Unseen Forces 56)
Flaaffy (Dragon Frontiers 30)
Flaaffy (Secret Wonders 50)
Flaaffy (Call of Legends 43)
Flaaffy (Dragons Exalted 39)
Mareep (Neo Genesis 65)
Mareep (Team Rocket Returns 67)
Mareep (Secret Wonders 94)
Mareep (Platinum 82)
Mareep (HeartGold & SoulSilver 73)
Mareep (Call of Legends 63)
Mareep (Dragons Exalted 38)
Stage 1
Raichu (FireRed & LeafGreen 12)
Raichu (Next Destinies 40)
Raichu (XY 43)
Pikachu (Jungle 60)
Pikachu (Sandstorm 72)
Pikachu (Holon Phantoms 78)
Pikachu (Stormfront 70)
Pikachu (Next Destinies 39)
Stage 1
Lt. Surge's Electrode (Gym Challenge 52)
Electrode (Stormfront 36)
Electrode (XY 45)
Voltorb (Base Set 67)
Voltorb (Team Rocket 69)
Voltorb (Secret Wonders 117)
Voltorb (Triumphant 83)
Voltorb (Plasma Freeze 32)
Zekrom (Next Destinies 50)
Pichu (Stormfront 45)
Raichu GL (Rising Rivals 31)
Thundurus (Furious Fists 33)
Rotom (Undaunted 20)
Emolga (Dragons Exalted 45)
Stage 2
Gengar (Diamond & Pearl 27)
Gengar (Stotmfront 18)
Gengar (Triumphant 94)
Stage 1
Haunter (Base Set 29)
Haunter (Diamond & Pearl 30)
Haunter (Arceus 41)
Haunter (Arceus 42)
Haunter (Triumphant 35)
Gastly (Base Set 50)
Gastly (Fossil 33)
Gastly (Skyridge 57)
Gastly (Diamond & Pearl 82)
Gastly (Stormfront 62)
Gastly (Arceus 36)
Gastly (Triumphant 63)
Stage 2
Gardevoir (Power Keepers 9)
Gardevoir (Secret Wonders 7)
Gardevoir (Platinum 8)
Gardevoir (Legendary Treasures RC10)
Stage 1
Kirlia (Sandstorm 40)
Kirlia (Delta Species 47)
Kirlia (Power Keepers 31)
Kirlia (Secret Wonders 53)
Kirlia (Plasma Storm 60)
Ralts (Ruby & Sapphire 66)
Ralts (Secret Wonders 102)
Ralts (Platinum 89)
Ralts (Next Destinies 55)
Ralts (Plasma Storm 59)
Ralts (Legendary Treasures 59)
Ralts (Legendary Treasures RC8)
Stage 1
Drifblim (Diamond & Pearl 24)
Drifblim (Stormfront 16)
Drifblim (Undaunted 12)
Drifloon (Majestic Dawn 61)
Drifloon (Stormfront 58)
Drifloon (Supreme Victors 103)
Drifloon (Undaunted 46)
Drifloon (Dragons Exalted 49)
Stage 1
Dark Slowking (Neo Destiny 20)
Slowking (Unseen Forces 14)
Slowking (HeartGold & SoulSilver 12)
Slowpoke (Fossil 55)
Slowpoke (Team Rocket 67)
Slowpoke (Team Rocket Returns 76)
Slowpoke (Unseen Forces 72)
Slowpoke (Undaunted 66)
Mr. Mime (Jungle 22)
Mr. Mime (Plasma Freeze 47)
Mew (Triumphant 97)
Uxie (Legends Awakened 43)
Azelf (Legends Awakened 19)
Jirachi (Unleashed 1)
Stage 2
Machamp (Expedition 51)
Machamp (Triumphant 26)
Machamp (Triumphant 95)
Stage 1
Machoke (Base Set 34)
Dark Machoke (Team Rocket 40)
Giovanni's Machoke (Gym Challenge 42)
Machoke (Power Keepers 33)
Machoke (Diamond & Pearl 53)
Machop (Base Set 52)
Machop (Team Rocket 59)
Machop (Legend Maker 57)
Machop (Power Keepers 53)
Machop (Stormfront 64)
Machop (Plasma Blast 47)
Machop (Triumphant 67)
Stage 1
Lucario (Unleashed 19)
Lucario (Call of Legends 14)
Lucario (Next Destinies 64)
Riolu (Platinum 91)
Riolu (Call of Legends 50)
Riolu (Next Destinies 63)
Riolu (Plasma Storm 75)
Riolu (Plasma Storm 76)
Stage 1
Mienshao (Noble Victories 70)
Mienshao (Next Destinies 68)
Mienshao (Furious Fists 57)
Mienfoo (Noble Victories 69)
Mienfoo (Next Destinies 67)
Mienfoo (Boundaries Crossed 86)
Mienfoo (Boundaries Crossed 87)
Mienfoo (Furious Fists 56)
Stage 1
Team Magma's Claydol (Team Magma vs Team Aqua 33)
Claydol (Great Encounters 15)
Claydol (Dragons Exalted 64)
Baltoy (Sandstorm 32)
Team Magma's Baltoy (Team Magma vs Team Aqua 61)
Baltoy (Deoxys 53)
Baltoy (Great Encounters 60)
Baltoy (Dragons Exalted 63)
Terrakion (Noble Victories 73)
Onix (Unleashed 56)
Tyrogue (HeartGold & SoulSilver 33)
Rocket's Hitmonchan (Gym Heroes 11)
Aerodactyl GL (Rising Rivals 55)
Stunfisk (Dragons Exalted 70)

Stage 2
Shiftry (Diamond & Pearl 14)
Shiftry (Rising Rivals 13)
Shiftry (Next Destinies 72)
Stage 1
Nuzleaf (Legend Maker 41)
Nuzleaf (Crystal Guardians 39)
Nuzleaf (Power Keepers 36)
Nuzleaf (Diamond & Pearl 57)
Nuzleaf (Next Destinies 71)
Seedot (Deoxys 71)
Seedot (Legend Maker 61)
Seedot (Power Keepers 60)
Seedot (Diamond & Pearl 97)
Seedot (Rising Rivals 78)
Seedot (Next Destinies 2)
Seedot (Flashfire 5)
Stage 1
Weavile (Diamond & Pearl 40)
Weavile (Undaunted 25)
Weavile (Flashfire 52)
Sneasel (Neo Revelation 24)
Sneasel (Aquapolis 110)
Sneasel (Legends Awakened 120)
Sneasel (Undaunted 68)
Sneasel (Next Destinies 69)
Stage 1
Zoroark (BW Promos 9)
Zoroark (BW Promos 19)
Zoroark (Dark Explorers 71)
Zorua (Black & White 70)
Zorua (Emerging Powers 66)
Zorua (Dark Explorers 69)
Zorua (Dark Explorers 70)
Zorua (XY 72)
Stage 1
Honchkrow (Supreme Victors 29)
Honchkrow (Undaunted 15)
Honchkrow (Undaunted 16)
Murkrow (Neo Genesis 24)
Murkrow (Secret Wonders 95)
Murkrow (Undaunted 58)
Murkrow (Undaunted 59)
Murkrow (Dragons Exalted 72)
Absol (Triumphant 91)
Absol (Plasma Freeze 67)
Stage 1
Houndoom (Great Encounters 18)
Houndoom (Undaunted 82)
Houndoom (Dragons Exalted 75)
Houndour (Undaunted 53)
Houndour (Legends Awakened 103)
Houndour (Call of Legends 59)
Houndour (Dragons Exalted 74)
Houndour (Plasma Blast 55)
Sableye (Secret Wonders 63)
Sableye (Undaunted 35)
Spiritomb (Arceus 32)
Darkrai G (Rising Rivals 3)
Houndoom 4 (Rising Rivals 65)
Stage 2
Metagross (Legends Awakend 10)
Metagross (Supreme Victors 7)
Metagross (Undaunted 18)
Stage 1
Metang (Hidden Legends 21)
Metang (Legends Awakened 64)
Metang (Legends Awakened 65)
Metang (Supreme Victors 69)
Metang (Undaunted 30)
Beldum (Hidden Legends 28)
Beldum (Power Keepers 45)
Beldum (Legends Awakened 83)
Beldum (Legends Awakened 84)
Beldum (Supreme Victors 90)
Beldum (Undaunted 43)
Beldum (Plasma Freeze 50)
Stage 2
Klinklang (Black & White 76)
Klinklang (Dark Explorers 77)
Stage 1
Klang (Black & White 75)
Klang (Emerging Powers 75)
Klang (Dark Explorers 76)
Klang (Plasma Storm 89)
Klink (Black & White 74)
Klink (McDonald's Promos 10)
Klink (Emerging Powers 74)
Klink (Dark Explorers 75)
Klink (Boundaries Crossed 97)
Klink (Plasma Storm 88)
Stage 1
Scizor (Neo Discovery 29)
Scizor (Majestic Dawn 29)
Scizor (Undaunted 84)
Scyther (Jungle 26)
Scyther (Unseen Forces 46)
Scyther (Undaunted 36)
Scyther (Undaunted 65)
Scyther (Boundaries Crossed 7)
Stage 1
Bronzong (Mysterious Treasures 6)
Bronzong (Arceus 33)
Bronzong (Next Destinies 76)
Bronzor (Mysterious Treasures 74)
Bronzor (Arceus 34)
Bronzor (Arceus 54)
Bronzor (Triumphant 58)
Bronzor (Next Destinies 75)
Skarmory (Great Encounters 53)
Skarmory FB (Supreme Victors 83)
Cobalion (Emerging Powers 77)
Cobalion (Noble Victories 84)
Dialga (Platinum 5)
Jirachi (Rising Rivals 7)
Stage 2
Togekiss (Great Encounters 11)
Togekiss (Undaunted 9)
Togekiss (Plasma Storm 104)
Stage 1
Light Togetic (Neo Destiny 15)
Togetic (Aquapolis 39)
Togetic (Great Encounters 55)
Togetic (Undaunted 39)
Togetic (Plasma Storm 103)
Togepi (Neo Genesis 51)
Togepi (Hidden Legends 78)
Togepi (Team Rocket Returns 50)
Togepi (Great Encounters 88)
Togepi (Undaunted 70)
Togepi (Boundaries Crossed 110)
Togepi (Plasma Storm 102)
Stage 1
Blissey (Platinum 22)
Blissey (Dark Explorers 82)
Chansey (Base Set 3)
Chansey (FireRed & LeafGreen 19)
Chansey (Platinum 69)
Chansey (Dark Explorers 81)
Chansey (Phantom Forces 80)
Stage 1
Cinccino (Black & White 89)
Cinccino (Emerging Powers 85)
Cinccino (Next Destinies 85)
Minccino (Black & White 88)
Minccino (Emerging Powers 84)
Minccino (BW Promos 13)
Minccino (Next Destinies 84)
Minccino (Dragons Exalted 109)
Blaine's Dodrio (Gym Challenge 32)
Stage 1
Dodrio (Undaunted 11)
Dodrio (XY 99)
Doduo (Supreme Victors 102)
Doduo (Undaunted 45)
Doduo (XY 98)
Ditto (Triumphant 17)
Ditto (Boundaries Crossed 108)
Cleffa (Diamond & Pearl 78)
Cleffa (HeartGold & SoulSilver 17)
Smeargle (Secret Wonders 66)
Smeargle (Undaunted 8)
Togekiss C (Supreme Victors 86)
Chatot G (Supreme Victors 54)
Bouffalant (Black & White 91)
Tornadus (Emerging Powers 89)
Regigigas (Legends Awakened 15)
Audino (Boundaries Crossed 126)

Stage 1
Vaporeon (Undaunted 41)
Stage 1
Jolteon (Majestic Dawn 23)
Jolteon (Undaunted 28)
Stage 1
Flareon (Call of Legends 44)
Flareon (Plasma Freeze 12)
Stage 1
Espeon (Undaunted 81)
Espeon (Dark Explorers 48)
Stage 1
Umbreon (Sandstorm 24)
Umbreon (Dark Explorers 61)
Stage 1
Leafeon (Rising Rivals 45)
Leafeon (Undaunted 17)
Stage 1
Glaceon (Majestic Dawn 20)
Eevee (Jungle 51)
Eevee (Team Rocket 55)
Lt. Surge's Eevee (Gym Challenge 51)
Eevee (Neo Discovery 38)
Eevee (Unseen Forces 55)
Eevee (Delta Species 69)
Eevee (Majestic Dawn 62)
Eevee (Majestic Dawn 63)
Eevee (Rising Rivals 59)
Eevee (Undaunted 47)
Eevee (Undaunted 48)
Eevee (Plasma Freeze 89)
Eevee (Furious Fists 80)
Special Energies
Blend Energy GFPD (Dragons Exalted 117)
Blend Energy WLFM (Dragons Exalted 118)
Boost Energy (EX Dragon Frontiers 87)
Call Energy (Majestic Dawn 92)
Cyclone Energy (Stormfront 94)
Double Colorless Energy (Next Destinies 92)
Double Rainbow Energy (Crystal Guardians 88)
Holon Energy FF (Delta Species 104)
Holon Energy WP (Delta Species 106)
Prism Energy (Next Destinies 93)
Rainbow Energy (HeartGold & SoulSilver 104)
Recycle Energy (Neo Genesis 105)
Rescue Energy (Triumphant 90))
Scramble Energy (EX Deoxys 95)
Upper Energy (Rising Rivals 102)
Warp Energy (Stormfront 95)
Holon's Electrode (Delta Species 21)
Holon's Magneton (Delta Species 22)

Bebe's Search (Mysterious Treasures 109)
Bianca (Emerging Power 90s)
Bill (HeartGold & SoulSilver 89)
Black Belt (Triumphant 85)
Buck's Training (Legends Awakened 130)
Cassius (XY 115)
Celio's Network (EX FireRed & LeafGreen 88)
Cheren (Emerging Powers 91)
Cilan (Next Destinies 86)
Colress (Plasma Storm 118)
Copycat (HeartGold & SoulSilver 90)
Cynthia's Feelings (Legends Awakened 131)
Felicity's Drawing (Great Encounters 98)
Ghetsis (Plasma Freeze 101)
Holon Farmer (Delta Species 91)
Holon Lass (Delta Species 92)
Holon Mentor (Delta Species 93)
Holon Scientist (Delta Species 97)
Interviewer's Questions (Unleashed 77)
Judge (Unleashed 78)
Lady Outing (EX Ruby & Sapphire 83)
Lanette's Net Search (EX Sandstorm 87)
Looker's Investigation (Platinum 109)
Mom's Kindness (Majestic Dawn 83)
Mr. Briney's Compassion (EX Dragon 87)
Mr. Stone Project (EX Emerald 79)
N (Noble Victories 92)
Oracle (Skyridge 138)
Pokémon Collector (HeartGold & SoulSilver 97)
Pokémon Fan Club (Aquapolis 130)
Pokémon Nurse (Expedition 145)
Professor Birch (EX Ruby & Sapphire 89)
Professor Cozmo's Discovery (EX Deoxys 90)
Professor Elm's Training Method (HeartGold & SoulSilver 100)
Professor Juniper (Dark Explorers 98)
Professor Oak's New Theory (HeartGold & SoulSilver 101)
Professor Oak's Research (Expedition 149)
Professor Rowan (Secret Wonders 123)
Relic Hunter (Skyridge 120)
Rival (Diamond & Pearl 113)
Rocket's Admin (EX Team Rocket Returns 86)
Roseanne's Research (Secret Wonders 125)
Sage's Training (Undaunted 77)
Seeker (Triumphant 88)
Twins (Triumphant 89)
Volkner's Philosophy (Rising Rivals 98)
Bicycle (Plasma Storm 117)
Computer Search (Base Set 71)
Crushing Hammer (Emerging Powers 92)
Devolution Spray (Dragons Exalted 113)
Dual Ball (Call of Legends 78)
Dusk Ball (Mysterious Treasures 110)
Energy Exchanger (Undaunted 73)
Energy Removal (Base Set 92)
Energy Retrieval (Black & White 92)
Energy Search (Majestic Dawn 90)
Enhanced Hammer (Dark Explorers 94)
Escape Rope (Plasma Storm 120)
Ether (Plasma Storm 121)
Full Heal (Black & White 95)
Gust of Wind (Base Set 93)
Hypnotoxic Laser (Plasma Storm 123)
Imposter Oak's Revenge (Team Rocket 76)
Imposter Professor Oak (Base Set 73)
Level Ball (Next Destinies 89)
Life Herb (Unleashed 79)
Lost Remover (Call of Legends 80)
Luxury Ball (Stormfront 86)
Night Maintenance (Secret Wonders 120)
PlusPower (Black & White 96)
Poké Ball (Jungle 64)
Pokédex (Base Set 87)
PokéGear (Neo Genesis 88)
Pokémon Breeder Fields (Neo Revelation 62)
Pokémon Catcher (Emerging Powers 95)
Pokémon Communication (Black & White 99)
Pokémon Rescue (Platinum 115)
Pokémon Reversal (HeartGold S& SoulSilver 99)
Potion (Black & White 100)
Professor Elm (Neo Genesis 96)
Professor Oak (Base Set 88)
Professor's Letter (XY 123)
Quick Ball (Mysterious Treasures 114)
Rare Candy (Dark Explorers 100)
Revive (Black & White 102)
Super Energy Removal (Base Set 79)
Super Energy Retrieval (Neo Genesis 89)
Super Potion (Base Set 90)
Super Rod (Noble Victories 95)
Super Scoop Up (Black & White 103)
Superior Energy Retrieval (Plasma Freeze 103)
Switch (Black & White 104)
Technical Machine TS-1 (Legends Awakened 136)
Technical Machine TS-2 (Legends Awakened 137)
Tool Scrapper (Dragons Exalted 116)
Ultra Ball (Dark Explorers 102)
Warp Point (Majestic Dawn 88)
Amulet Coin (Great Encounters 97)
Bench Shield (Arceus 83)
Bubble Coat (Legends Awakened 129)
Cessation Crystal (Crystal Guardians 74)
Energy Gain (Platinum 116)
Eviolite (Noble Victories 91)
Expert Belt (Arceus 87)
Float Stone (Plasma Freeze 99)
Fluffy Berry (EX Unseen Forces 85)
Giant Cape (Dragons Exaleted 114)
Leftovers (Great Encounters 99)
Lucky Egg (Arceus 88)
Rescue Scarf (Dragons Exalted 115)
Rocky Helmet (Noble Victories 94)
Sparkling Robe (Furious Fists 99)
Time Shard (Aquapolis 135)
Ancient Tomb (EX Hidden Legends 87)
Broken Ground Gym (Neo Destiny 92)
Broken Time-Space (Platinum 104)
Cursed Stone (EX Legend Maker 72)
Giant Stump (EX Legend Maker 75)
Narrow Gym (Gym Heroes 124)
Resistance Gym (Gym Challenge 109)
Rocket's Minefield Gym (Gym Challenge 119)
Shadow Circle (XY 126)
Skyarrow Bridge (Next Destinies 91)
Training Center (Furious Fists 102)


Last updated: February 19, 2021