ISD VoiceCorder Circuits

I have implemented several circuits for a variety of chips in the ISD VoiceCorder family. I have built a library of drivers to control the ISD2560, ISD4003 and ISD5116. For the ISD2560 and ISD5116, I also have implemented a shell that can be used to record and playback audio from a PC using a serial port connected to the microcontroller that controls the ISD2560 and ISD5116 (a PIC16F microntroller).

For the ISD4003 driver code, go to the Programming Tips section.

ISD2560 Push Button Application

This is an autonomous circuit that can record audio on electret microphone or input line and can play back on external speaker or any device with an input line. The ISD2560 can record up to 60 seconds audio and uses a sampling rate of 8 kHz. Multiple messages can be recorded sequentially. Message are played back in sequential order.


This circuit is controlled from a microcontroller using an I2C interface. It has been tested with a PIC16F877. The ISD5116 can record up to 8 minutes of audio using 8 kHz sampling rate. The IN connector can be connected directly to the output port of a PC sound card. The OUT connector can be hooked up to any devices with an input line (for instance, a mini system or receiver). The alligator clips can be used to connect the circuit to an external speaker.

Follow the links to get the schematic and the source code to control the ISD5116.

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Last updated: August 19, 2004