Career Goals

Bring forward my embedded and application software design and analytical skills and turn my enthusiasm for Internet technology into solid value-added product and services.

Work Experience

Communications Security Establishment (August 2011 - Present)

  • Implemented various intrusion detection modules to detect network traffic anomalies and categorize network traffic
  • Implemented HTTP parser and evaluated various open source HTTP parsers (suricata's libhtp, Node.js, Splunk's pion) to replace current solution
  • Implemented service to transfer network monitoring application output to data cluster with data retention policies
  • Implemented benchmark application to measure performance of suricata and other generic network monitoring applications
  • Wrote Kafka consumer tool to troubleshoot streaming issues
  • Implemented a number of data sources for a data analytics system
  • Mentoring and recruitment activities

Martin Dubuc Consulting Inc. (August 2002 - August 2011)

  • Implemented Web front-end for a data acquisition system
  • Reworked areas of a data acquisition system back-end to improve performance and maintainability
  • Implemented database schema for provisioning and fault management of a data acquisition system
  • Led LMP MIB and TE link MIB IETF standardization efforts: Successfully pushed documents to RFC status
  • Implemented firmware for a sophisticated audio data acquisition system
  • Implemented Jolt and Colt bootloaders for PIC18F microcontrollers
  • Ported SDCC C compiler for PIC18F family
  • Designed digital voice recorder circuit boards for multimedia installations
  • Wrote several articles for electronics magazines

IBM (August 2003 - February 2004)

  • Delivered professional services for IBM Rational brand tools (Rapid Developer, Test RealTime, XDE, Rose, WSAD, eclipse). Tasks included consulting, teaching classes, presenting demos to customers (small groups and open seminars), attending trade shows and supporting sales.

Meriton Networks (November 2000 - August 2002)

  • Involved in the design of Meriton's optical cross-connect architecture
  • Implementation of interface management functionality (embedded software development) and technical lead for Link Management Protocol functionality
  • Software tools and third party software selection (MPLS stack, CLI package, configuration management)
  • Participate in IETF standardization activities for LMP MIB definition

Cisco Systems Co. (May 2000 - November 2000)

  • Team lead for RSVP implementation in next generation core IP router (embedded software development)
  • Specification of the MPLS subsystem for next generation core IP router
  • Specification of the G-MPLS subsystem for next generation optical switch

Siemens Telecom Innovation Centre (May 1998 - May 2000)

  • Technical lead for the specification of broadband access service management (leased line and 1483bridged over ATM) for the Unisphere Management Center product
  • Team lead for the Unisphere ERX (edge switch router) and SMX (voice gateway) HP OpenView integration
  • Technical lead for PVC support in 45190 EMS
  • Technical lead for PVC functionality in next generation network management system for MainstreetXpress 36190 (ATM core switch)
  • Integration of the MainstreetXpress 36190 in Newbridge 46020 network management application

West End System Corp. (July 1996 - May 1998)

  • Technical lead for the design and implementation of bandwidth management in the hybrid fiber coax access node
  • Prime integrator of the GR-303/V5.2 call processing interface for the WestBound 9600 hybrid fiber coax access node; embedded software development: stack provisioning, database management, memory management, software download, flash programming, OS services, etc.
  • Mentoring

Bell-Northern Research Ltd. (June 1994 - June 1996)

  • Specification, design, implementation, and integration testing of the billing and performance monitoring features of the Concorde ATM backbone switch
  • Design and implementation of the core interface used for PVC, SVC and SPVC in the connection processing application
  • Performance analysis of the connection processing application

Hewlett-Packard (July 1991 - May 1994)

  • Team lead for frame relay conformance testing products
  • Team lead for the ISDN VN3 and CTS2bis conformance testing products
  • Design and implementation of conformance testing products for National ISDN-1
  • Supplementary Services

RESEARCH ASSOCIATE (Full time position)
Department of Computer Science, University of Montreal (May 1989 - July 1991)

  • Applied research in the area of conformance testing (Unix application development)
  • Supervise student projects related to protocol testing


University of Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. September 1992

G.P.A. 4.10/4.30
Master thesis project: Develop an environment for incremental test suite design for protocols based on finite-state machines. Use of the XView toolkit.
Graduate courses: Protocol testing, OSI model, object-oriented programming, fault tolerance and testability.

University of Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. May 1989

Global average: 83.0%

Technical Experience

  • Programming languages: C, C++, Python, Java, Javascript, assembly language (M680x0, PIC), perl
  • Notations: HTML, JSON, XML, SMIv2, ASN.1, SDL, TTCN
  • Software development tools: git, gcc, cmake, JIRA, Jenkins, svn, scapy, qtcreator, Visual Studio Code, eclipse, ClearCase, Rational Rose, valgrind, flex, tcl, Purify Plus, Rational Rose RealTime, Test RealTime, WSAD/XDE, cygwin, Green Hills Multi, Visual C++, Rapid Developer
  • Software methodologies: Scrum, RUP, UML, object-oriented programming, waterfall model
  • APIs: C/C++ (STL, boost, libcurl, libpcap, rdkafka), Python (pandas, requests, kafka-python), Java (HTTP client, Swing, RMI, JNI, JavaServer Faces), flatbuffers, protobuf, AdventNet SNMP, HP OpenView
  • OS: Unix (Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Solaris, HP-UX, HP-RT), VxWorks, OSE, Mac OS (Carbon), Windows, MS-DOS
  • Systems/applications: Wireshark, suricata, MySQL, Docker, Apache Tomcat, Apache HTTP server, Splunk, CloudShield, HP OpenView, Micromuse Netcool
  • Protocol standards: IP (ICMP, PPP, TCP, UDP, SCTP, QUIC, OSPF, IS-IS, BGP, DNS, DHCP, HTTP, FTP, SNMP, TLS, RADIUS, Diameter, RSVP, LDP, L2TP), MPLS, G-MPLS, LMP, IEEE 802.11, ATM (ILMI, PNNI, Q.2931, QSAAL, SSCOP), SONET, frame relay, GR-303, V5.1, V5.2, ISDN, X.25, TL1, OSI (transport, ACSE, CMISE/CMIP)
  • Protocol testers: TRex, Ixia, Catapult
  • Processors: Motorola (680x0, PowerPC), Microchip PIC microcontrollers


  • Distinctive Entry, Circuit Cellar Mad Dash for Flash Cash Contest (2003)
  • Contributor Award, Hewlett-Packard Journal (1994)
  • Teleglobe Canada (1990-91)
  • Natural Science and Engineering Research Center (1989)
  • FCAR (1989)
  • University of Montreal undergraduate award (1986)


M. Dubuc, T. Nadeau, J. Lang, E. McGinnis, A. Farell, Link Management Protocol Management Information Base, RFC 4631, September 2006.

M. Dubuc, T. Nadeau, J. Lang, Traffic Engineering Link Management Information Base, RFC 4220, November 2005.

M. Dubuc, Adding Sound to your Projects, Nuts and Volts, March 2004.

M. Dubuc, Frame relay conformance testing, Hewlett-Packard Journal, October 1994.

G. v. Bochmann, A. Das, R. Dssouli, M. Dubuc and G. Luo, Fault models (invited paper), 4th International Workshop on Protocol Test Systems, Netherlands, November 1991.

M. Dubuc, R. Dssouli and G. v. Bochmann, TESTL: an environment for incremental test suite design based on finite-state models, 4th International Workshop on Protocol Test Systems, Netherlands, November 1991.

M. Dubuc, G. v. Bochmann, O. Bellal and F. Saba, Translation from TTCN to LOTOS and the validation of test cases, FORTE '90 (IFIP), Madrid, Spain, November 1990.

G. v. Bochmann, D. Desbiens, M. Dubuc, D. Ouimet and F. Saba, Test result analysis and validation of test verdicts, 3rd International Workshop on Protocol Test Systems, MacLean, New Jersey, October 1990.

Soft Skills

  • Fluent in both English and French
  • Top secret security clearance

Personal Interests

  • Technology: Raspberry Pi, cloud computing, automation and robotics
  • Reading
  • Hockey, soccer, outdoors
  • Strategy games
  • Community outreach

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Table of content

"In my professional career, I have been involved in several projects from beginning to end using waterfall model and agile methodologies. I can identify potential issues in different phases of development and implement mechanisms, like continuous integration, to reduce risk and streamline development.

I am very compelled by the creative process of software development. My philosophy when building software is KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). I usually use a bottom-up approach. I build small independent parts, optimized and tested, and join these building blocks together to form bigger systems. I always carefully plan the testing aspects of components, usually adding the necessary hooks to perform white box testing at a feature level.

Over the years, I have adopted tools and methodologies that improve the overall software development cycle. I always keep an eye on tools and practices that help improve the quality of a product while reducing its development costs. That being said, I am not religious about technology. I will only use what makes sense in a given project.

Although I very much like writing new software, I always evaluate whether integrating a third-party product (commercial or open source) is the best solution for the task at hand.

I have a strong interest in all aspects of routing, protocol analysis/design and real-time systems. My domain knowledge extends to network security, routing, call processing, link management, equipment/application provisioning and network management."